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Conor reaction on Crown Match and his plans for the second leg on Sunday

What do you think of the team’s performance after three consecutive defeats in the top four?

Well obviously it’s not what we want. We work hard everyday to try to win. However there was a big difference between the last game and the other games. Against boueng ket and visakha we made individual errors and got punished for them. Against Crown I cannot speak too much about the incidents in the game because we have sent a compliant about the match officials to the CPL.

We conceded 4 goals in just 12 minutes against Phnom Penh Crown. Thoughts on that goals?

3 of the conceded goals are my fault, for tactical errors I made as a coach. Please don’t blame the players. The first goal is an error from the referee and the 4th an error from the lineman. For me I must focus on my errors and improve them because our fans deserve better

What do you think about the referee’s penalty decision in the second half?

I think it wasn’t the referee’s decision it was the linesman’s decision and when you review all the big decisions made by the same linesmen then it will cause some serious questions to be answered.

We will visit Crown in their home again this Sunday.What are your plans for this game?

A big part of our game plan will be to play as far away from our goal as possible so as to reduce the influence of the match officials

Any team news you can give us?

Odawara will miss the rest of the season due to injury. Our players will do their best to win in his absence because he has led us well all season. We will also do our best to overcome all obstacles even if some appear unfair obstacles.

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