Preah Khan Reach Svay Rieng FC

Conor Nestor

Press conference with Conor Nestor

Conor Nestor, our head coach, will lead the team to visit Boueng Ket FC this weekend; here’s what he’s been working on in preparation for this big day.

This weekend is the first game in the Top 4 against BKFC. What are your thoughts on that game?

Yes it’s a very big game the champions of 2019 play the champions of 2020. It’s always a close game when we play at the Cambodian airways and we are expecting another tough battle.

Any team news you can give us?

Just like I think a lot of Cambodia right now our team have a lot of sickness related to the weather. I don’t wan’t to confirm who is missing at this point but at the moment we have 4 players missing due to illness.

Any words for our fans who may be a little miffed that we aren’t playing at our stadium but have decided to play at Cambodia Airways Stadium instead?

Well obviously we will play in svay rieng in the next round so it’s not like we have abandoned our home game. Fans are always our number 1 concern but playing a game under unfair conditions is not something within the values of our club. Fair play and sporting integrity must always be adhered too.

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